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Art Gallery

I love all kinds of art- to paint, draw, and write. Please enjoy this portfolio of my favorite works.

Where did the Bluebonnets Go?

Crowded we ride along the trail.

With no mind to time,

The stars run by,

The cotton grows and dies, and 

We teach our kids to plant it again.

By Jaci Finch

Oil Paintings

These paintings are the beginning of a new series of oil portraits I am working on about family- about community- about what it is to grow up in my shoes. More to come.


Daddy Bill
Oil Paint


Oil Paint

Oil Paint


The Obsidian Mirror

By Jaci Finch

She stares into an obsidian mirror. Her bright smile melts into fear and she is trapped in a new realm. Almost otherworldly, this plane of existence is blurred in darkness, and even the whites of her eyes are tinted grey. Then, she notices her reflection is misshapen. In the convex lens, the nose appears twice its normal size and the eyes and mouth recede. She moves to escape the creature with the bulging nose, but the mirror enlarges a new feature, a new mistake, and a new imperfection. Each familiar quality is eclipsed by a deformed one until she cannot recognize the woman, the brute, staring back at her. The devilish image seeps into her mind, destroying her memory and she can only see herself living in the obsidian mirror. 


Her stomach lurches and her face quivers, mangling her view until she finally cannot bear her image and she turns to her friend who is standing uninterested in the other side of the room. 


“When did I become this beast?!” She cries.


Her friend’s eyes scan over her in confusion and disbelief until she replies.


“When did you decide to look at yourself in an obsidian mirror?” 

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