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The "Why" Behind Watering Sprouts

In the midst of boredom and doodling, I wrote my first book to honor the legacy of my Great Grandfather, Sherrif Bill Bode. Since then, Children's book publishing has become my passion and instrument for creating change.


Financial Literacy for Kids

Through publishing two children's books on basic financial literacy principles, I hope to give parents, teachers, and community leaders the tools they need to prepare their children for the future.

Art for the Children

Art is one of my many passions, and even more so when I can use it to help others. With weeks of hard work, I created this masterpiece which now serves as a mural in Corpus Christi's Driscol Children's Hospital to comfort and entertain children for years to come.


From a Family of Teachers

I am proud to say I come from a long line of teachers. With our legacy of approaching 200 years of impacting students in my hometown, I can only dream of helping as many future leaders as the women who came before me.

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