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Watering Sprouts Education

Our Mission

Watering Sprouts provides tools to create skills-based education, including financial and digital literacy,  to young children.


Kollins Goes to the Candy Store

"Kollin's Goes to the Candy Store," tells the story of a young girl who adventures through a magical candy store, stuffing her cart with goodies to buy. Through her journey, she meets sour candy people, climbs a chocolate mountain, and gets trapped in a bubble-gum bubble. In the end, she gets a basic understanding of opportunity cost as she must make the decision of what candy she truly wants. 

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A Day Without Screens

A Day Without Screens is a brightly illustrated book that follows a young girl named Karlita on the day that her mom took her tablet away. She spends the day learning to use her imagination as she adventures through the outdoors. This book is perfect for parents of teachers that have a hard time getting their children off of their devices. Putting this book out during tech-free playtime can encourage kids to be more creative in play.

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A Helping Hand: Sophie's Financial Adventure

A Helping Hand: Sophie's Financial Adventure follows a young girl named Sophie as she learns the value of helping others, hard work, and money. The story starts whenever she stumbles across a farm of hungry animals and makes a deal to help them buy food. Her day turns upside down as a result and she takes on odd jobs for forest creatures. This picture book uses rhyming, diction, and fun illustrations to teach kids life skills.

What is Skills Based Education?

Skills-based education is what it sounds like. Lessons based on everyday skills so that students can not only learn, but also learn how to problem solve in various circumstances. The base justification for skills based education is preparing young people to thrive in our society after graduation.


Book a Community Reading

I host live readings along with STEAM activities. I would love to do one for your classroom, community event, or reading time. Please feel free to reach out to me.

Financial Literacy is the understanding of financial systems, methods, and resources. For financial literacy instruction of young children relevant concepts include the finite nature of resources, opportunity cost, the value of money, decision making, and basic budgeting.

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